William is a minor character in SaGa Frontier 2, who only appears in one scenario. The older brother of Labelle, William always dreams of becoming a reknown digger. After 10 years of traveling through the countries of Sandail he is finally reunited with his sister in Weissland. William joins Wil Knights on his journey to a Megalith, a journey that proves too dangerous for some. Originally he was the one to be known as "Tycoon Wil", a title which after the events in the journey to the Megalith in Weissland, was passed over to Wil.

Scenario History

Scenario Name Year Age
Tycoon Wil 1247 30

Starting Equipment

  • Wood Spear
  • Buckler
  • Leather Armor
  • Wood Shoes


  • The Megalith Beast is a very good enemy to spark Arts against. The boss can be fought several times throughout various scenarios by accessing Weissland on the map when available.
  • William is represented by a generic male combat unit sprite from the war battles.

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