Weston is a location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Weston map

Weston map

Sitting on the western side of Frontier, at the northern end of the New Road, Weston is a new and thriving community. Many of the people in Weston will also inform you about other Frontier settlements if asked.

A female NPC wearing red can unlock Yassi and Saoki.

Tu unlock Weston, one has to recruit Barbara.





  • Entertainer - Martial Arts, Long Sword, Covert
  • Martial Artist - Martial Arts, Scimitar, Katana, Staff, Pole Arm, Bow
  • Trader - Survival, Strategy, Trading
  • Pioneer - Hand Axe, Club, Gathering
  • Ascetic - Martial Arts, Staff, Terrology


  • Find Ore - Search - 50 G
  • Find Treasure - Search - 50 G
  • Excavate - Gathering - 100 G
  • Mine - Gathering - 100 G
  • Vigilance - Survival - 300 G
  • Trade - Trading - 300 G

Maritime Imports

General Store

Martial Arts Master

  • Attack Style - 40 G
  • Shield Style - 60 G
  • Trick Style - 100 G

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