Weissland is a possible side-quest in SaGa Frontier 2. It can be accessed from the World Map whenever you have a major change in party members. For example; Wil Knights can visit Weissland after "Tycoon Wil" as both Cordelia and Labelle leave the party.


Playable after: Tycoon Wil, At the Mines (Collapse), Anima Faith Fiasco, Wil vs. Egg, To the Monster Nest, Life Tree Island, To the Fossil Cave, To Cast a Rainbow, To Gustave's Stronghold*, Battle of South Moundtop

(* Will need to enter and exit Laubholz in order for Weissland to be unlocked)

If you Done New Game+ you can Play Almost Any Character to Fight the Megalith Beast Once you complete Tycoon Wil.

Playable Characters (WHEN New Game+) you can "Re-do All your Characters' to Challenge the Megalith Beast" so Every Character has a shot. but you gotta DO Tycoon Wil ! First !

These Groups are listed here so you know What Event is the best to use.

Group List:


The main use of the Weissland side-quest is to re-fight the Megalith Beast outside the now collapsed Ice Megalith. This time the fight can be won, and is also an excellent opponent with which to spark and learn new Arts from. Battling the Megalith Beast is also a good way to increase party members' stats such as HP, WP, SP and Skill Levels.

Notable Items

  • Beast Rune - Beast Tool, Null sleep, Regenerate (3 SP)

Notable Enemies

  • Megalith Beast (boss) - 30,000 HP, 100 LP, Reduce Cold damage, Ideal for sparking Arts and strengthening characters, Chance to drop Beast Rune


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