Warmth of the Throne is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Escata.


The purpose of this quest is to find out if anyone is still alive in Escata Palace as there are rumours of the Throne still being warm. Simply venture to the top right corner of the 2nd floor. Examine the room to find a lamp. Examine the lamp to flood the room with light and fight the boss monster that appears to finish the quest.

The boss enemy, Greed, is a mid-level Undead who should be easy to kill. If you are quite weak his Big Bite attack can be dangerous, but by rotating the fighting order you can bypass this, as well as have the chance to learn some mid-level Arts in the process.

Number of turns: 100


The abandoned Escata Palace is a 2-storey building, littered with Obstacle Crossing debris, and traps, due to the recent invasion by Dagul Bos. The Palace requires the Architect skill to explore and has an abundant presence of Fire elements.

The Escata Palace location is also used in the side-quests Escata Palace and Monsters of the Ruined Castle.


  • Undead
  • Wildlings
  • Demons
  • Undead (boss)

Notable Items



  • By examining the Well in the ground floor Training Area you can engage in a fight with 3 demons. The enemies you face vary depending on your current strength and Market Rank etc.
  • This quest can be relatively short if you just aim for the objective, but the Palace can be a good place to gain money, items and battles.
  • Escata Palace is a good place to build up a Fire Magic Tablet.

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