The Volunteer Brigade are an important gameplay element in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

The Brigade act as a tutorial for various aspects of gameplay from eploration and the basic UI, to proficiencies and tempering equipment. These ingame tutorial topics also act as a good guide to the players current Event Rank.

There is a member of the Volunteer Brigade in every town location in the game, and can be easily recognised as the child standing still with a glowing pendant/purse. Speak to them and say "I could use your help" to view current topics, or "Give me a map" to ask them for a map of the town.

The ending features a cutscene with the members of the Brigade, however should one beat the game without having ever talked to one of them, a different cutscene is shown.

Event Rank & Topic

Event Rank Topic
1 What are proficiencies?
2 I want more money
3 How do I get more jewels?
4 School me in techniques and spells
5 There's a chest I can't reach
6 I want to learn even more advanced things*
7 Stuns, Shocks and Snares
8 Vendors
9 Herbs and Ore
10 Classes
11 Weapons and Shields
12 Modes
13 Blacksmithing II
14 Concoctions II
15 Synthesizing Spells
16 Ambush
17 Lurking and Moving Silently
18 Trading
19 Blacksmithing III
20 Final Secrets**
* ER 6 topic becomes a new sub-heading for all the other topics, so will not be displayed until ER 7
**While the ER goes up to 22, there are no new topics after ER 20

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