Vogelang is a possible side-quest in SaGa Frontier 2. It can be accessed from the World Map whenever you have a major change in party members. For example; Wil Knights can visit Vogelang after "Tycoon Wil" as both Cordelia and Labelle leave the party.


The main use of the Vogelang side-quest is to gain access to Vogelang Canyon. This is one of the best places in the game to train a party and learn new Arts, as some of the monsters here are exceptionally high levelled. The most note worthy of which is the Armor Beetle, which is ideal for training through Duels or Party battles.

One of the Best Places to Farm Chips and Crowns, for your Custom Made items, there will be a Merchant in Vogelang town, that will sell your items for Chips, and there is a item merchant that will convert them, and Item shops around so you will never to be Poor again

Fighting Demon Seeds, or having Items left over, you stored up, to get Rid of with high worth of chips, you can make bank.

Notable Enemies

  • Horn Buffalo - 2405 HP, 6 LP, Slightly weak to Petrify and Deathblow, Chance to drop Protector
  • Armor Beetle - 2442 HP, 3 LP, Uses Charge to increase it's strength and Step-In to deal high damage
  • Demon Seed - ??? HP, 1 LP,. Weak Enemy Chance of Dropping Demongrass Fang you can convert into Chips (common drops)


  • This sidequest is repeatable, as long as you meet the conditions for unlocking it.

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