Vanished Mogul is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Longshank.


A wealthy man created a storage chamber underground to hold his amassed fortune. One day, the man failed to return from the cave. Investigate his whereabouts and return him to his wife.

All you need to do is journey to the 3rd floor depths of the cavern and find the Mogul. Along the way are specially locked doors that require the use of a Key Axe (given to you at the start of the quest). By dipping the axe in a "Chamber of 3 Fires" you can alter it's colour and open any door with that corresponding colour, if you pass the Reel System check. Failing to land on a green panel can either remove the colour from the Key Axe, or force you into a fight with a group of Guckies.

From the start make your way north then northeast to descend down to the 2nd floor. Head to the southeast most area of the 2nd floor to descend of the 3rd floor basement. Head east/southeast to a "Chamber of 3 Fires" and dip the Key Axe in a Blue Flame. Backtrack a little way and take the northern fork to open the Blue Door. Immediately return to the "Chamber of 3 Fires" and dip it in a Silver Flame. Continue back down the Blue Door path and open the Silver Door into another Storage area. Climb the ladder to find the Mogul, who explains the reason for his disappearance. You now have the choice of either returning him to his wife, or letting him go. Either option will end the quest.

For an additional ending, when you first reach the 3rd floor dip the Key Axe in a Red Flame. Return to the start of the 3rd floor and open the Red Door here. Enter the storage area and examine the painting on the floor for a bit more insight into the Mogul's predicament. When you end the quest, the Mogul's wife's will react differently to if you hadn't discovered the painting. Number of turns: 420


The Mogul's cavern consists of a 3 storey underground complex. There is a "Chamber of 3 Fires" on each floor, and a variety of coloured doors each leading to a Storage area or treasure chest. The 2nd floor has three Obstacle Crossing locations, offering short-cuts to the 3rd floor stairs or a storage area with treasure chest (Blue Door). The 3rd floor is a linear map, with only the initial Red Door leading to an alternative area (containing the Mogul's painting and a treasure chest). Most Storage Areas contain treasure chests, which require the Cave Guide skill to find.


  • Beasts
  • Birds
  • Demons
  • Insects
  • Vegeplasts
  • Beasts (Key Axe failure)

Notable Items

  • Unlit Key Axe - Unique quest item that can be dipped in different coloured flames to unlock special doors
  • Magic Tablet - Often dropped by the Guckies encountered as a result of failing a Key Axe attempt


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