Vampire's Den is a dungeon location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Vampire's Den map

Vampire's Den map

Located in Frontier, it is the home of vampires once run out Estamir by St. Agnes. Many of the nearby villagers have been infected and now wander the caverns. There are 3 locations (one per floor B1-3) where the vampire villagers have gathered together. Defeating them all will delay the awakening of Jewel Beast.

When you reach B4 you will be confronted by the Vampire's henceman, the Werewolf. Defeating it will allow you access to the Innermost Area, where the head Vampire current resides. If you collected the Chalice from St. Agnes' grave in North Estamir, you can do large amounts of damage using it's "Holy Sparkle" attack.

Related Quests

Useful Proficiencies

  • Find Chests
  • Disarm Traps


  • Defeating all the sets of infected villages will delay the awakening of Jewel Beast.

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