Vale of Swords is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Solophero.

Vale of Swords

Vale of Swords


Traverse the deadly Vale of Swords. This side-quest, while appearing simple, is both long and arduous. Start by heading south to the bridge. As soon as you set foot on the bridge you are attacked by 5 Shroomers (Vegeplast monster), who should be easy to kill. Once the battle is over the weakened bridge will collapse, splitting your party into 2 groups.

Anyone in the first half of the party will have crossed the bridge, anyone in the second half will stay on the original side of the bridge. If you have an odd number of party members (5 for example) then the first half will get the extra person (1-2-3, 4-5). The 2nd team will be doing most of the fighting in this quest so make sure you re-arrange your line-up accordingly, either spreading your stronger characters across both groups, or putting them all at the end of the party.

Team 1: Continue south from the broken bridge to the rope hanging over the gorge.

Team 2: Head north from the bridge, back onto the cliff and proceed south to the rope over the gorge. Team 2 will try to cross, snapping the rope and dropping them to the Vale floor. You need to climb up to a position where you can be rescued. From your landing head northeast a little, then south at a fork to climb up to the middle of the Vale.

Team 1: Meanwhile, you need to find something to rescue Team 2 with. Follow the cliff line northeast as far as possible to find some vines. Examine the vines to pick them up. Return to the broken bridge and go southwest once to place the vines. Team 1 will no longer be used.

Team 2: Head as far north as possible to reach the vines, climb back up and rejoin Team 1

Now your party is back to full strength, return to where you found the vine and head southeast to exit the Vale of Swords.

Number of turns: Unlimited


The Vale of Swords is made up of 3 small mountainous maps. You start on the left side of the upper ridge which is a single path, 'connected' to the other side by a bridge that will always break. The far side is also a single path from the bridge to the exit.

The Vale floor is a small, single path with multiple dead-ends jutting off it. The Vale Middle is the largest map with, essentially, a single path running north from the start. At the south end are paths to the left and right but they require the Obstacle Crossing skill to gain access to. Given your weakened party there is no reason to venture across here for treasure hunting unless you are confident in your team's abilities.


  • Demons
  • Undead
  • Wildlings
  • Beasts
  • Insects
  • Vegeplasts
  • Birds (Vale middle, Vale floor)
  • Vegeplasts (boss)

Notable Items



  • Vale of Swords is the only side-quest with unlimited turns.
  • This is considered one of the more challenging quests due to your party being split up. If your weak characters get dropped to the vale floor the quest can be very difficult.
  • During Judy's main quest you will lose her father Thomas on the Vale floor, but he can be recruited in the same place during one of Ventus' Carrier Guild quests. During Ventus' story Thomas will be suffering from amnesia, an apparent result of falling down the Vale onto his head.

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