The Unlimited Saga Original Soundtrack consists of 58 songs spanning two discs and was released on January 22, 2003. It was composed by Masashi Hamauzu who had previously composed the soundtrack for SaGa Frontier 2.

Because the game uses streaming audio, it was possible for the sound team to use real acoustic instrument sounds in place of a synthesizer. Live recording of chamber ensembles of tracks such as "Anxiety About the Wonders" and "Battle Theme IV" pitted solo instruments against one another to create what Hamauzu considered a Latin sound. While the first CD features more classical-oriented, emotional character and town themes, the second disc concentrates on techno-driven, jazzy battle and dungeon themes. The bonus edition of disc two also contains 4 additional arrangments of some of the main themes. The ending vocal piece "Soaring Wings" was written specifically for singer Mio Kashiwabara, and a special piano arrangement of it also appears on Hamauzu's personal music album "Vielen Dank".

Disc One


Unlimited Saga Original Soundtrack album cover

1. Unlimited Saga Overture

2. The Seven Travelers

3. March in C

4. Anxiety Towards a Wonder

5. Judy's Theme

6. Battle Theme I

7. Victory

8. Ventus' Theme

9. Battle Theme II

10. Cash's Theme / Kurt's Theme

11. Perpetual Movements

12. Battle Theme III

13. Armic's Theme

14. Mysterious Plan

15. Hilltop Conversation

16. Invasion

17. Laura's Theme

18. Battle Theme IV

19. Ruby's Theme

20. The Sacred Starry Skies

21. Room of Surprises

22. Momentary Respite

23. Solitude

24. Mythe's Theme

25. Off to Big Plans

26. Pathetic

27. Broken Desire

28. Iskandar

29. J & A

30. A & J

31. Mysterious Flame

32. A Certain Story's End

Disc Two

1. Space-Time Travels

2. DG "sine"

3. Battle Theme EX

4. DG "listless"

5. BT Ver.1

6. BT Ver.2

7. BT Ver.3

8. DG "mixture"

9. BT Ver.4

10. BT Ver.5

11. BT Ver.AG

12. DG "comfort"

13. BT Ver.6

14. DG "sadness"

15. BT Ver.7

16. BT Ver.8

17. Challenge to the Seven Great Wonders

18. BT "ultimate"

19. Release


21. Soaring Wings

22. Return to the Main Subject!

23. UNLIMITED:SaGa Overture 2ch Mix Ver. *

24. March in C 2ch Mix Ver. *

25. FINALE 2ch Mix Ver. *

26. Soaring Wings 2ch Mix Ver. *

(* Bonus tracks)

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