Tribal Chief's Trial is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Vaftom.


Back when the town was a small fishing village, they had a trial to choose a tribal chief who would unify the villages. The tradition has long since been forgotten, but the cape used for the trial still remains.

In order to complete this quest you need to fight 2 specific boss battles then make it to the end of the cape to claim a piece of Whalebone as a symbol of passing the test. Head to either the northeast or southwest points to find a strange Orb. Examining an orb and it will drain all your HP and make you fight 3 Aquans (vary depending on your strength and Monster rank). Due to a specific limitation for this location you can only select 3 characters to fight each round.

Once you have completed one of the Orb trials, head to the other and repeat the process. When both trials are passed, make your way to the far northern area past the Aquan guards (who will deny you access if you have not completed both trials). Keep heading up the path to the Whalebone Altar to complete the quest.

Number of turns: 100


The Tribal Chief's Trial is a single, small map space in a rough cross shape. You start at the southern tip with paths leading north as well as west and east to the 2 Orb trials. The eastern Orb trial has a Swimming hazard nearby, giving you access to a treasure chest. This coastal region requires the Road Guide skill to explore and is abundant with money and treasure bags.


  • Aquans
  • Birds
  • Undead
  • Aquans (boss)

Notable Items

  • Treasure Chest - Near the eastern Orb Trial, requires the Swimming skil to reach


  • The coastal environment used in this quest only permits you to fight with 3 characters per round.
  • Due to the ease of the quest, and short turn limit, this is a good place to gain money and treasure.

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