SaGa Tower Art

The Tower

In The Final Fantasy Legend, the Tower is a tower that contains a path to Paradise and whose floors leads to various worlds. The object of the game is to reach the top of the Tower.


The Tower has twenty-three levels. A stairway wraps around the exterior of the Tower, and the interior of the Tower has floors and hallways. Within the Tower are healing pools, treasure chests, and doors that lead to various worlds.

The levels of the tower can be grouped by its architecture. Levels 1-4 have a stone-and-brick architecture. Levels 5-9 have a coral reef architecture. Levels 10-15 have a marble architecture, and Levels 16-22 have a steel girder architecture.

The interior of Level 23 has a hallway which connects to Ashura's chamber. The exterior of Level 23 has an escalator connecting it to Paradise.

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