Titan's Flute is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Escata.


A malfunction at The Amulet Tower has resulted in monsters moving in. You must make your way to the top of the tower to adjust the sound device that scares off monsters in the Escata area. Simply make your way from the start on the ground floor up the tower to the control room. Adjust the left lever then return to the exit to finish the quest.

On the 3rd floor up you will notice a harmless statue of a Giant. When you alter the device and return to the 3rd floor while heading for the exit the Giant will come alive and attack you. The Giant is a good enemy to learn some high level Arts from, but he can easily kill your party if you are too weak. A deflection weapon or Shield is good to have during the fight as most of his attacks can be nulled.

Alternatively, if you lower the pitch of the tower you can unlock a secret passage down the tower. Return to the 5th floor and enter the blue coloured room in the bottom right. The party will recognise a change in tone and a button will appear, unlocking the room on the left. Once inside the door will permanently lock itself, forcing you to continue through the secret passage way. You can explore the top floor for a high level treasure chest or simply continue down to the ground floor. Flip the switch in the final room, then return to the 2nd floor door to return to the normal side of the tower and exit (or fight the Giant if you really want to).

Due to the high number of turns you can easily explore the tower looking for treasure, or fighting enemies.

Number of turns: 350


Amulet Tower is made up of 6 small, circular floors (semi-circlular if you do not use the secret passage), with only one way up or down per floor. Many of the corridors are riddled with traps, and the odd locked room (requires the Locksmith skill). The Architect skill is required for exploration.


  • Birds
  • Undead
  • Beasts
  • Slime
  • Wildlings
  • Demons
  • Insects
  • Wildlings (boss)

Notable Items

  • High-Level Treasure Chest - 6th Floor of the Secret passage, behind the locked door.


  • If you fail to correctly alter the device on the top floor you can leave the tower and not complete it, making it a good source of money, treasure and training for your party.
  • If you use the secret passage and fully explore the map you get a special message upon completing the quest. However, it is unclear as to the purpose (or reward) for doing this.

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