Timely Action is a battle mechanic in SaGa Frontier 2.

During Duels you will occasionally see the message "Timely Action" appear near a character or enemy while attacking or defending. This indicates that a participant's Battle Commands were superior, or inferior, to the target.

Attacking and Defending

The colour of the text indicates whether the particular Timely Action is positive or negative:

-- Attacking Defending
Green This attack cannot be evaded Evasion is quadrupled (x4)
Red The attack fails, or is evaded/deflected Evasion is nulled to 0

Optimum Distance

The occurance and effect of the Timely Action can be influenced by the "Optimum Distance" mechanic also present in SaGa Frontier 2. However, Optimum Distance will also influence Party Battles unlike Timely Action.

All Arts and Spells are particularly effective at a certain distance from their target. Attacking from the correct distance yields certain benefits;

  • Character can act faster
  • Likelihood of evasive moves increases
  • Likelihood of Custom Arts increases

From nearest to furthest the Optimum Distance rule is as follows:

(Closest) Martial Arts - Axe - Sword - Staff - Spear - Bow (Furthest)

Susequently, Optimum Distance can be greatly improved, or hindered, by both the Deployment of characters to the field and the Attack Area of an Art.

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