The Time Quest is a quest in SaGa Frontier where the party obtains Time Magic.

After completing one of the Light or Shadow Quests, or the Arcane or Rune Quests, the player must speak to Virgil in his palace in Mosperiburg, who warps the party to Time Lord's Region. There, the player finds a broken hourglass. Warping back to Virgil's Palace, Virgil suggests that Gozarus in Facinaturu can create a sand tool, and warps the party to Rootville, next to Kurenai's flame. Gozarus will sell the Sand Vessel for one Life Point.

While Blue can simply warp back to Virgil's Palace, the others must talk to a man in a bar in Rootville, which unlocks a house south of the bar. The slime inside opens the bookcase, allowing access through the Facinaturu Floor and to a ledge where the pilot awaits with a plane. The pilot flies the party to Koorong, where they can fly back to Virgil's Palace.

Virgil warps the party back to Time Lord's region. Taking sand from the hourglass and pouring it on top, the hourghlass is reactivated and a drawbridge can be lowered. There, the player meets the TimeLord.

Blue will fight the Time Lord for the gift of Time Magic, while the others can recruit Time Lord or buy Time Magic.

Asellus starts her quest in Facinaturu, and can buy the Sand Vessel just before leaving for the first time. If she does not buy the Sand Vessel, she must wait until escaping the Dark Labyrinth before she can go back to Facinaturu and buy the Sand Vessel.

Virgil never warps Riki to Facinaturu, and Gozarus never sells anything to T260G.

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