Time Lord's Region is a region where TimeLord perfected Time Magic.

The region has platforms with the Zodiac symbols, and plenty of clocks. A drawbridge leads to Time Lord's inner chamber. The clocks must be running for the drawbridge to work. An hourglass powers the clocks. Each of the Zodiac platforms contains a fixed encounter, as follows:

  • Aries - Wonderdog, Straysheep 4x
  • Taurus - Minotaur
  • Gemini - Rockbaboon 2x (can fuse into a Yeti)
  • Cancer - CancerMec 2x
  • Leo - Sphinx
  • Virgo - PrimaBronza (randomly changes to a PrimaMaska and back)
  • Libra - IceCrystal, FireCrystal
  • Scorpio - Scorpion 5x
  • Sagittarius - MecDobby100, MecDobby 4x
  • Capricorn - Demongoat
  • Aquarius - Genbu
  • Pisces - Fishman, Gunfish 3x

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