The Sevenfold Tail is an adventure area in Unlimited Saga located outside Gadeira. It is a mountainous path known for its seven waterfalls that can be viewed on the way to the summit, which have led it to becoming a tourist attraction. Its name was most likely derived from the fact that the path turns at the location of each of the seven waterfalls.

Seven waterfalls

Sevenfold Tail is a popular tourist attraction because of its seven waterfalls. Each waterfall is unique from the others and has special properties that draw attention from travelers.

  • Silk Falls is the lowest waterfall, located at the first fold in the path. Its distinct feature is its ability to run almost completely flat. Near Silk Falls, there is a sign welcoming tourists to Sevenfold Tail, encouraging them to view all seven waterfalls along the trail. The sign also warns visitors about wind gusts during the No Travel Season.
  • Squall Falls is located at the second fold in the path. It is named because it "runs like a squall." Behind it, a secret path exists that leads to Phantom Lake.
  • Arch Falls is the third waterfall, named because the waterfall spurts out in an arc shape over the ridgeway in a way so that tourists may walk beneath it and view the arched water flow from below.
  • Grand Falls is located within the fourth fold, and is known for its massive size. It is the largest of the seven waterfalls.
  • The Twins are two waterfalls within the fifth fold of Sevenfold Tail. They are so similar in appearance that they seem to be mirror images of one another, like identical twins. Although they are technically two waterfalls, The Twins are only considered to be one of the seven waterfall attractions along Sevenfold Tail.
  • Dame's Scarf is a small waterfall in the sixth fold of the path. Though the waterfall itself has no special characteristics, a beautiful noblewoman threw herself into the water to commit suicide at this location, giving it its name and tourism allure.
  • Rock Falls is located the furthest up Sevenfold Tail at the seventh and final fold in the path before the summit. It is a quiet waterfall that runs between rocky ledges.

No Travel Season

The weather is often windy along Sevenfold Tail, but during certain times, wind gusts along the region become so powerful that tourists cannot visit the waterfalls along Sevenfold Tail. This time is known as No Travel Season. The wind is so strong that it carries objects through the air and litters them along the path. Even members of the Carriers' Guild do not pass through during this season.

To climb Sevenfold Tail and reach the summit during the No Travel Season is considered to be a feat of resilience, not intended for travelers who have ill tempers. During this time, the winds are able to push travelers back down the path. The seven waterfalls, because they are embedded in folds in the path, are safe locations where the wind gusts cannot push travelers away.

Phantom Lake and the legendary Leviathan

Behind Squall Falls in the second fold in Sevenfold Tail, there is a hidden trail surrounded by thick foliage. This trail, called Hermit's Path, leads to an opening with a large body of water known as Phantom Lake. This lake is rumored to be home to a legendary creature known as Leviathan. This legend is in fact a giant Aquan that lives in Phantom Lake.

Along the edges of Phantom Lake, there are three small peninsulas of land dubbed the Watersides of Relaxation because waterfowl tend to gather to rest in the area. Known to local wildlings who fish in the area, the Leviathan feeds on these waterfowl. If one waits still alongside the waterfowl, the legendary beast may appear to feed. The Leviathan can then be captured, using the waterfowl as bait in this way.


The player can encounter three adventures in Gadeira that take place in Sevenfold Tail:


Although it is often referred to as "the Sevenfold Tail," the "the" is never capitalized, and technically not part of the name of the area. There is an adventure that shares its name with the location, in which the "the" is capitalized: The Sevenfold Tail.

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