The Seven Heroes (七英雄) Is the final boss of Romancing SaGa 2. It is all The Seven Heroes fused together in a strange ball mass.

The Seven Heroes all revealed.

In Battle

The battle with them is very hard but generally starts easy it is a multi stage fight it starts out with Rocbouquet so with her time should be taken using stat boosting magic or defense boosting ones like Vajra Shield on all each hero has 6000 HP and each time another comes out the HP resets. The second hero to come out is Subier then Noel and after random heroes,this boss also has access to all the heroes special moves be it soul steal,Psycho Bind and more they can attack up to seven times so be ready to take damage once all seven are out and you have taken away most of their HP they open up the abyss gate a special ability that if it hits makes one of your party members invisible but also confused. Another good way to go about this fight is to use Quicktime to make sure your team gets to strike first making things like healing lost HP stats boosting etc. much easier the fire magic reviver is also needed for this battle.

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