The Final Emperor or Empress is a character from Romancing SaGa 2. The name and gender is picked at the start of the game. Both have high magical levels in Light and 2 other types. The Emperor possesses more physical power and is equipped with the Day Blade (Sunray/Holy Light) while the Empress has a higher magical stat and is equipped with the Moonlight Sword (Moon Light/Moonshades)

Stat Block

Name Final Emperor Male Final Emperor Female
Gender M F
Race human human
Spark Type


(One-Hand Sword Specialist)


(One-Hand Sword Specialist)

LP 19 10
STR 25 23
DEX 23 24
MAG 23 24
DARK 15 15
SPD 24 25
CON 21 20
Spell Power 39 42
Slash 10 10
Pierce 5 5
Bludgeon 5 5
Arrow 5 5
Martial Arts 5 5
Fire 0 0
Water 0 0
Wind 0 0
Earth 0 0
Light 10 10
Dark 0 0
WP 50 50
JP 35 35


  • The Emperor/Empress will be in the bar at the very start of the game
  • Noel uses Moonshades in his 2nd form (Sword drawn)


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