The Cavern of Murals is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Iskandaria.

The Cavern of Murals

The Cavern of Murals


It is said that the Murals left on the cave walls by the ancients are still alive.

When you come across a mural on the wall you can examine it to fight a monster realted to the type of mural (Bird, Aquan, Giant Beast etc). Some of the murals hide hidden passages to other parts of the cave system. You need to make your way to the furthest depths of the cave and face the greatest of all Murals, the Ajatar Dragon.

From the start head to the northeast and examine the mural to find a passage. Follow the path north as it curves to the left through the 'Sunny Path' area. Examine the final murals to reveal a passage to the 2nd area of the caves. Head to the southeast corner to reveal a passage back to the 1st area of the caves. Follow the linear path to a final mural with the fight against the Ajatar. Defeat the Ajatar to complete the quest.

Number of turns: 200


The Cavern of Murals is a large interconnected series of cave tunnels and river systems (which require the Swimming skill to traverse). Many of the walls hold Murals, but only a few lead to hidden passages, or treasure (usually in dead-end passages). Many simply result in you battling large numbers of foes, which makes the final boss fight all the harder as many of the Mural fights are good at attacking your LP. To fully explore the cave system you will need both the Cave Guide skill and Swimming skill. Many treasure chests are located in the river systems, as well as short cuts through the caves. If you have a good swimmer like Armic you can save turns taking the rivers over walking the long way around.


  • Undead
  • Demons
  • Beasts
  • Aquans
  • Wildlings
  • Birds (mural fight)
  • Beasts (mural fight)
  • Aquans (mural fight)
  • Dragon (boss)


  • While you can fight ALL the murals you desire doing so will make the final fight against Ajatar much more difficult. The Aquan Murals especially, both considerably outnumber you and can drain large amounts of LP.

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