The Terranites are a race of people in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. They are related to the Taralians, whom unlike the Terranites live above ground.

Jephtimith, the Terranite Leader

A secluded people, they live deep underground, beneath the Desert Ruins in the Kaklim Desert, Dry Lands. They live in close harmony with Nisa, the Mother of Earth, and guard the Topaz Fatestone.

The leader of the Terranites, Jephtimith, also possesses the powerful Sword of Earth, and will give it to the hero when they recieve the Topaz from Nisa's temple.

It's worthy to note that while the Terranites live with no real contact to the outside world, we never hear any of them use the native language of the Taralians, which is quite surprising seeing how one would think it would be a preffered way to communicate for them.

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