Tarmitta is a location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Tarmitta map

Tarmitta map

Former capital of the Kjaraht region, Tarmitta is a city built on flowing waterways, north of Lake Malar, and ruled by Viceron Tuman.

During the quest "Water Dragon Rite" a secret passage into the Sekhet Palace can be accessed. Rest at the inn until night falls, when the water level in the city drops enough to access the secret door into the Palace.

Tarmitta can only be unlocked by either recruiting Barbara, or by going through the Water Dragon Rite quest.
Sekhet Palace map

Sekhet Palace map





  • Ranger - Bow, Terrology, Search
  • Herbalist - Terrology, Survival, Gathering
  • Kjar Sentinel - Lance, Bow, Hydrology, Demonology, Covert
  • Entertainer - Long Sword, Martial Arts, Covert
  • Craftsman - Short Sword, Cosmology, Strategy


  • Find Chests - Search - 50 G
  • Find Herbs - Search - 50 G
  • Harvest - Gathering - 100 G
  • Disarm Traps - Strategy - 150 G
  • Pick Locks - Strategy - 150 G
  • Lurk - Covert - 200 G

General Store


Magic Shop


  • Healing Water - 200 G
  • Water Blast - 300 G
  • Holy Water - 500 G
  • Summon Element - 1000 G


  • Energy Bolt - 200 G
  • Enhance Spells - 400 G
  • Shock Wave - 2400 G

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