Sunken City is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Serin.


The city of Roanne was once known as Florid Roanne due to it's beautiful red rooftops and was used as a summer resort for the rich aristocrats. Roanne was swallowed up by a flood, leaving only the rooftops visible. You came to the once beautiful town, now known as Miry Roanne, to find a souvenir for an old resident.

From the start proceed west over the rooftops to the far southwest corner and access to the 2nd part of Roanne. Again, head as far west as possible, then follow the single path northward onto land and into the Music Hall. A Toa-Tie (Beast monster) will attack you. Defeating it (use a Blackout attack like Raksha or Bopeep) gives you access to the Melody Disc and the end of the quest.

Be careful around the water as Aquans will gather the longer you stay outside. After 2 turns outside you will notice shadows in the water. After every 14 turns have passed you will be attacked by a group of 5 Razorfish. If you wish to avoid the Aquans simply enter one of the many windows to reset the counter back to zero.

Number of turns: 300


The Sunken City of Roanne is a massive place, unlikely to be fully explored in one attempt, added to the fact you need the use of Architect and the Obstacle Crossing skill to fully explore. Roanne is split into 2 different sections with access to the 2nd in the far west part. The rooftops are scattered with various windows you can enter to find treasure or avoid the Aquan attacks.

There are 4 locations of Obstacle Crossing hazards in the first part of Roanne, and 2 in the second area.


  • Aquans
  • Beasts
  • Birds
  • Demons
  • Undead
  • Wildlings
  • Aquans (optional fights)
  • Beasts (boss)

Notable Items

  • Magic Tablet - Found in a chest in the penultimate window before the Music Hall


  • While 300 seems like a lot, you can quickly run out of turns if you exploring for treasure and/or avoiding the Aquan ambushes. Better to keep a close eye on the turn count.

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