The Space Quest is the quest to get Space Magic. To start this quest, the main character must have completed one of the Light or Shadow Quests and one of the Arcane or Rune Quests.

The quest starts when the character speaks to Princess Rei at the shrine in Devin. Rei teleports the party to the Kyrin Paradise. Inside a building, they meet Kylin, who has them go through a maze.

The maze is made of gift boxes, cookies, and candy. They must retrieve a key to unlock a door which allows them to travel upside down, use a pot to shrink down to travel through the small candy cane doors, and must flip a lever to allow access to a tea cup that leads to the end.

When the party finishes the maze, they meet Kylin. Blue fights Kylin for the gift of Space Magic, while the others can either ask Kylin to join the team or buy Space Magic from him.


  • If Asellus had finished the Dark Labyrinth before starting this quest, she can not get Space Magic.

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