Seven Waterfalls is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Gadeira. It takes place in the Sevenfold Tail.


Journey up the Sevenfold Tail and view the 7 magnificent waterfalls. When you reach one of the waterfalls simply examine it for a closer look. Once all 7 waterfalls have been examined the quest is complete.

Number of turns: 200


The Sevenfold Tail is a fairly long, linear map scattered with 7 waterfalls and split into 2 separate sections. You start at the bottom of the trail and must make your way up to the summit, passing the waterfalls on your way. During The Sevenfold Tail quest the 7 waterfall locations act as safe-points where the gusty wind cannot affect you.

You will need the use of the Road Guide skill to explore, especially as this map contains lots of treasure bags. There are no environmental obstacles on this quest.

This map is also used in the side-quests The Sevenfold Tail and Legendary Leviathan.


  • Aquans
  • Insects
  • Wildlings
  • Birds

Notable Items



  • The Sevenfold Tail map is a good place to gain treasure and money.

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