Scared Knight is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga accessible from Loch Vaan.


You must venture in the 'Cave of the Undead' to retrieve a sword stolen from a necrophobic knight. All you need to do is journey to a specific location in the cave to fight a horde of Undead enemies, who upon defeat return the sword and end the quest.

Number of turns: 120


The 'Cave of the Undead' is a fairly small location, especially considering the 120 turn limit. The use of the Cave Guide skill can uncover lots of treasures, especially in the lower far left room (requires the Locksmith skill).

There are 2 locations where hordes of Undead gather. You cannot go around them, or fight your way through. By taking a nearby detour at each location you can find a brittle wall which can be broken, flooding light into the cave and scattering the Undead. One of the locations leads directly to the boss fight, the other hides a chest in the far right corner.

The 'Cave of the Undead' location is identical to the one in the side-quest Sparkling Waterfall.


  • Undead
  • Undead (boss)

Notable Items

  • Spirit Bow - A bow made of the wood material Ash


  • The Spirit Bow is an easy source of Ash for Armic's quest. It will not reappear if already collected during the Sparkling Waterfall side-quest.
  • In order to break the 'Walls' and disperse the gathered Undead you need a character with a middle to heavy weight rating.

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