The number in the damage column is the multiple of the damage of a regular shot, so Sharp Shot does 1.4 times a normal shot damage.

(2g)=Requires 2 guns. (G)=Attacks entire group of enemies.

Name WP Damage Add. Effect
Quick Draw 0 Speed
Two Gun 0 1.7 Use two guns simultaneously
Stun Shot 1 Stun
Trick Shot 2 2.7
Trick Shot (2g) 2 4.7
Sharp Shot 2 1.4 Critical
Sharp Shot (2g) 2 2.4 Critical
Reaction Shot 3 1.4 Counter ability, stun
Cross Shot 4 3.5 100% accuracy. Effective against undead
Cross Shot (2g) 4 7.0 100% accuracy. Effective against undead
Focus Shot 4 4.1
Total Shot (G) 4 1.1
Total Shot (G) (2g) 4 2.0
Bound Shot 5 2.6
Bound Shot (2g) 5 4.6

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