Light Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Sun Ray 1 E-1 Heat Integrates the sunlight and casts on enemy; critical hit for undead.
Starlight Heal 2 A-1 Recovers HP and Venom; more recovery for more INT and CHA.
Flash Fire 4 E-all Heat Darkness Approx. 1.7 times stronger than Sun Ray.
Flash Flood 5 E-all Water Unconscious Sometimes sweeps non-water elemental enemies.
Light Sword 7 Self Creates sword and enables use of sword skill, but not katana skill.
Light Sword (after action) 0 E-1 Can attack as a normal sword; Deflect works even without sword skill.
Mega Windblast 9 E-all Heat / Cold / Electric Attacks with radioactive storm. Approx. 3.7 times stronger than Sun Ray.

Shadow Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Power Grab 1 E-1 Energy Drains enemy's HP and weakens STR.
Hide Behind 1 E-1 Astonishes enemy to turn back by creating user's shadow.
Shadow Net 3 E-all Paralysis Restrains enemy with Dark Net; not effective against stronger enemies.
Dark Sphere 4 E-1 Energy Casts gravitational sphere. Approx. 2.1 times stronger than Sun Ray.
Shadow Servant 9 Self Creates duplicate of caster that repeats caster's movement; no WP or JP loss.
  • Silence is unable to obtain the Gift for Shadow magic.

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