Arcane Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Saber 1 E-1 Slashing / Piercing Pierce an enemy with 3 magical swords.
Shield 3 A-all Increses DEF; increases with higher INT.
Grail 3 A-all Cures all status except Unconscious, but HP can't be recovered.
Gold 3 A-all Coins fall and distracts enemies to face backward or run away from battle.
Magician 7 Self Creates a fake. If enemy attacks fake, it disappears.
Death 4 E-all Unconscious Unconscious attack; failure results in loss of 1 LP.
Tower All E-1 Electric Gigantic thunder attack; damage power is proportional to remainin JP.
Fool 6 All All damage reduced to 1/4 of attack strength. No effect for HP restores.

Rune Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Victory Rune 1 A-1 Enhances al weapons WEA; higher INT increases WEA.
Vitality Rune 2 A-1 Auto cure for every turn; invalid for Mecs.
Hide Rune 2 A-1 Hides caster, but cancels whenever the user acts.
Freedom Rune 4 A-1 Prevention from Sleep, Paralysis, and Petrification attacks.
Wall Rune 8 E-1 Blocks projectil attacks such as Gun, Rocket, Needle, and Wing.
Dwarf Rune 8 E-1 Weakens STR; invalid for Mecs.
Stasis Rune All E-1 Stops both enemy and target for long turn; possible to cure the user by Remedy.
Soul Rune 7 Self Enhances all stats. While effective, WP and JP consumption doubles; expires in 4 turns.

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