Mind Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Mind Heal 2 Self Restores HP and abnormal status; more recovery with higher INT and WIL.
Spellbound 2 E-1 Paralysis Paralyzes an enemy by casting spell that resembles on of Kanji letters.
Evaporate 2 Self Hides caster, but cancels whenever the user acts.
Life Wave 2 E-1 Energy Attacks with light arrow converted from vitality; more damage with higher WIL and PSY.
Awakening 2 Self Enhances all stats. While effective WP and JP consumption doubles; expires in 4 turns.
  • Both Vanish and Awakening have the same effect as the Hide Rune and Soul Rune except they only affect the user.
  • Rouge is unable to get the gift for Mind Magic. Blue is also unable to acquire the Gift until after his battle with Rouge.

Evil Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Rava Shot 1 E-1 Energy Stun Evil spirit possesses an enemy.
Pain Doubler 1 E-all Casts an evil mind that deals damage equal to the difference between the target's maximum and remaining HP, capped at 666.
Death Curse 4 E-1 Unconscious Makes unconscious by strong curse; failure results in loss of 1 LP.
Sharp Pain 1 E-all Stun Stops the move by making enemy's sense of pain more sensitive.
MagiDefense 1 E-all Energy Magic Attack.
RavaBarrire 1 Self/E-all Cold Raises defense, then attacks.
  • Zozma is the only person who uses Evil Magic.
  • The Gift cannot be obtained by anyone.
  • Both MagiDefense and RaviBarrire are used only by the enemy but are considered Evil Magic because it has the same attack animation.

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