Mirage Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Black Cat 1 E-1 Energy Confusion Causes Damage and Confusion.
Nightmare 2 E-1 Energy Sleep Causes Damage and Sleep.
Jackal 4 E-1 Energy Venom Causes Damage and Venom.
Cockatrice 6 E-1 Energy Petrification Causes Damage and Petrification.
Reaper 7 E-1 Energy Unconscious Causes Damage and Unconscious.
  • Only Rei has this magic as well as the Gift for it, with all the spells already learned.
  • Technically, all of these spells are available through the Mystic magic Phantasm Shot. Mirage lets you choose a specific beast but at a possibly higher cost.

Life Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Sacrifice 2 A-all (except self) Sacrifice 1 LP to heal entire party.
Reviva 9 A-1 Automatically revive person once they run out of HP.
  • This magic is only learned during Blue's quest after his duel with Rouge.

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