Time Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Delay Order 1 E-1 Lowers QUI; not effective against strong enemies.
Time Leap 3 E-1 Skips enemy's turn until all allied turns are completed.
Chaos Stream 9 E-all Energy Unconscious Swings an enemy on top of a clock face. Amount of damage is random.
Time Eclipse 5 E-1 Energy Petrification Stops enemy completely; huge damage to the enemy who doesn't get Petrified.
Time Twister 5 A-1 Repeats target's current movement by delay action; no WP or JP loss.
Overdrive 10 Self Stops time and gives caster multiple turns. When it expires WP, JP, and bullets are emptied.
  • Only Time Lord has the gift for Time magic, but Blue will be able to get it during his quest. Red, Asellus, Emelia, and Lute have the option to purchase Time magic from Time Lord.

Space Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Vapor Blast 1 E-1 Piercing Stabs enemy with air spear; critical hit for floating enemy.
Vanish 3 E-1 Unconscious Randomly sends enemies to different dimensions, but won't get an item.
Reverse Gravity 6 E-all Blunt Stun Flips gravity to pull up enemies, and drops them to the ground.
Light Shift 1 Field Enables auto HP cure (for monsters w/Photosynthesis); cancels Dark Shift and HP cure by death element.
Dark Shift 1 Field Enables auto HP cure (for monsters w/Darksynthesis); cancels Light Shift and HP cure by Photosynthesis.
Vortex 3 All Cancels all special effects, but cannot cancel an equipments effect.
  • Kylin is the only person with the Gift for Space magic, but Blue is able to get it during his quest. All other characters will have the option to buy Space magic from Kylin.

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