Realm Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Energy Chain 1 E-1 Energy Attack formation varies, depending INT and PSY and paralyzes for additional effect.
Implosion 3 E-1 Heat Unconscious Explodes around enemy and causes damage; randomly disposes of enemy.
Psycho Armor 2 A-1 Creates magical Armor to increase PSY and VIT.
Gate 0 Teleport to other regions by using "Region Map." Blue's quest only.
Psychic Prison 7 E-1 If enemy uses magic, it reflects back. Reflects only once.
Vermilion Sand 8 E-all Piercing / Energy Darkness Whirls enemy up into the air.
  • Blue and Rouge are the only characters that possess the Gift for Realm magic, however Blue is the only one who can use the gate spell.

Mystic Magic

Name JP Range Element Add. Effect Notes
Fascination 1 E-1 Seduction Seduces an enemy and causes it to attack another enemy.
Phantasm Shot 3 E-1 Summons a mystic monster to attack
Glass Shield 5 A-1 Magical Shield blocks direct attack and counters with broken glass.
Mirror Shade 7 Self Creates user's fake that causes enemy to miss.
  • Only Mystics, and half-Mystics, have the Gift for Mystic magic.

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