The music of SaGa Frontier 2 was composed by Masashi Hamauzu and recorded at Sunrise Studio in Tokyo. On April 21, 1999, Square released the three-disc "SaGa Frontier II Original Soundtrack" in Japan courtesy of publisher DigiCube. The soundtrack features German track names to keep with the game's eastern European theme, and was popular enough to be re-issued on the Square Enix Music label in February 2006.

The 76 tracks that comprise the 3-disc album consist of character themes, background music, battle scores and various arrangements of certain tracks, totalling a duration of 3:05:14.

Disc One


SaGa Frontier 2 Original Soundtrack album cover

1. Vorspiel (Prologue)

2. Präludium (Prelude)

3. Außenwelt (Outer World)

4. Romantik (Romantic)

5. Majestät (Majesty)

6. Rosenkranz (Ring of Roses)

7. Wunderding (Miracle)

8. Feldschlacht I (Field Battle I)

9. Freundschaftsbezeihung I (Companions' Celebration I)

10. Naturvolk (Nature People)

11. Der Hauptmann (The Captain)

12. Wasserjungfer (Water Boy)

13. Trübsal (Affliction)

14. Abweichung (Deviation)

15. Trotzkopf (Defiant Person)

16. Erlkönig (Elf King)

17. Heimatlose (Homeless Person)

18. Verborgenheit (Secrecy)

19. Vergeistigung (Mentality)

20. Zusammentreffen (Meeting)

21. Durcheinander (Disorder)

22. Untergrund (Underground)

23. Schlachtenglück (Luck in Battle)

24. Besessenheit (Obsession)

25. Thema (Theme)

26. Schmach (Disgrace)

27. Manifest (Manifest)

28. Weihaltar (Sacred Altar)

Disc Two

1. Variation (Variation)

2. Zaubermärchen (Fairy Tale)

3. Tiefe (Deep)

4. Dithyrambus (Dithyramb)

5. Zauberreich (Magical Realm)

6. Relevation (Relevation)

7. Freiluftmusik (Free, Airy Music)

8. Reminiszenz (Reminiscence)

9. Weisung (Instruction)

10. Todfeind (Mortal Enemy)

11. Tobel (Tobel)

12. Raumkomposition (Composition of Space)

13. Seelsorge (Soulful Caring)

14. Feldschlacht II (Field Battle II)

15. Freundschaftsbezeihung II (Companions' Celebration II)

16. Wundermittel (Miracle Drug)

17. Rückerinnerung (Older Memories)

18. Fremdling (Strange Creature)

19. Ohnmacht (Faint)

20. Botschaft (Full of Offering)

21. Nationaltanz (National Dance)

22. Erfolg (Success)

23. Frage (Question)

24. Disharmonie (Discord)

25. Elfenkönigin (Elf Queen)

26. Zauberkraft (Magical Power)

27. Nachtigall (Nightingale)

Disc Three

1. Interludium (Interlude)

2. Flamme (Flame)

3. Andächtelei (Devotional)

4. Feldschlacht III (Field Battle III)

5. Freundschaftsbezeihung III (Companions' Celebration III)

6. Eisklumpen (Chunks of Ice)

7. Arrangeur (Arranger)

8. Pointe (Point)

9. Festung (Fortress)

10. Ovation (Ovation)

11. Einsamkeit (Loneliness)

12. Weltall (Universe)

13. Zufall (Coincidence)

14. Feldschlacht IV (Field Battle IV)

15. Freundschaftsbezeihung IV (Companions' Celebration IV)

16. Manie (Mania)

17. Schlachtenlenker (Battle Strategy)

18. Andacht (Devotion)

19. Mißgestalt (Defined Form)

20. Todesengel (Angel of Death)

21. Postludium (Postlude)

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