SF Roufas

Art by Tomomi Kobayashi

Roufas is a human male in SaGa Frontier who is the leader of the secret society Gradius. He has worked with Fuse on more than one occasion. Roufas starts with some sword and gun techs and the gift for Mind Magic.

Emelia's Quest

He features most prominently in Emelia's quest, as the man who sends her on missions on behalf of Gradius and even helps her out in the field.

He can be recruited off-mission by speaking to him in Mu's Tomb in Shrike.

Red's Quest

Red first encounters him on board the Cygnus during the hijacking by Nomad and her pirates, when he and Fuse enter his stateroom. He joins Red and helps him take the Cygnus back.

Later on, he offers to join Red in the attack on the BlackX base in Koorong. He can also be recruited in Mu's Tomb if Red is doing the Rune Quest.

Other Quests

Roufas will join Blue and Lute in Mu's Tomb if they are collecting runes. He does not join Asellus, Riki, or T260G.


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