Playable Characters

Unique characters

Non-Unique Characters by Class

Non-player Characters

  • The Bard (AKA: Haolahn, mascot of the entire Romancing SaGa triology): In the introduction sequence, the bard opens up the game by introducing the Seven Heroes, and Leon, the first emperor. The entire game is then treated as one long, epic flashback poem/story played on a harp at the Avalon pub. This poem is called "The Ballade of Timeweavers."
  • Oaive: A Witch who claims she is of descent from the ancients and prophesizes the return of the Seven Heroes
  • Victor: Gerard's valiant, older brother. Gerard grows up living in his shadow, with the initial hope that Victor would one day succeed the throne. Kujinshi later would slay both Victor and Leon with the dreaded Soul Steal technique, and force Gerard to rise to the occasion.
  • Witch: The secluded mystic living by the South Rongit Sea. Players can purchase life point potions and magic potions from her for 10,000 each.
  • Mermaid: The beautiful maiden who falls in love with one of the Emperors. Seeing her transformation is what triggers the entire mermaid potion quest line.
  • Saifreet: The Chancellor of Cumberland serving under King Harold.
  • Hive Queen: The matriarch of the Savannah underground. Her and her troops are intially found terrorizing the people of the Savannah and the Mole People underground.
  • Sekishusei: The loyal bushido warrior of the Yauda area. He is one of the warrior vassels of Lord Ato, who tries to pit the empire and Wagnas against each other, despite Sekishusei's protest. However, Sekishusei's unwavering loyalty to Lord Ato keeps him fighting by his side, and eventually challenging the Emperor to a duel to the death.
  • Ato: Lord of the Yauda area. His attempts to manipulate empire against Wagnas, which causes Wagnas to eventually attack Yauda. When the Emperor finally forces his way into Ato's castle at Chontou, the players can choose between executing Lord Ato or let him live.
  • Sorceror: A nameless Sorceror on Komulune Island who seeks lost magic.
  • Garon: A Pirate who has sword alliegence to Subier
  • Toma: The son of King Harold

The Seven Heroes


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