Roberto is a character in SaGa Frontier 2. He is an adventurer, currently staying at North Gate. He travels extensively with his companion Gustaf, but gets involved in Wil Knights' struggle with the Egg.

Roberto is outgoing, trusts his friends and is always ready to protect them. While only twenty-seven when first introduced, his wise nature and shocking white hair make him seem years older.

Scenario History

Gustaf Roberto

With Gustaf (right)

Scenario Name Year Age
Ginny's Adventure 1305 27
Insect Megalith 1305 27
Pursuing the Egg 1305 27
To Gustave's Stronghold 1305 27
Battle of South Moundtop 1305 27
Into the Northern Continent 1306 28
The Last Megalith 1306 28

Starting Equipment

  • Elder Bow
  • Flame Rod
  • SilkToga
  • Fur Boots

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