Regal Lion's Treasure is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga accessible from Loch Vaan. It can only be accessed once you have successfully completed the side-quest Mayor's Nightmare.


After completing Mayor's Nightmare, the Mayor tells you that Regal Lion was once a master thief who, with the help of his 3 fellow theives, amassed a large fortune and hid it somewhere in a nearby cave. You must take the Sacred Orb given to you by the Mayor and unlock the treasure chamber. The Sacred Orb changes colour depending on it's temperature, and each colour relates to one of the 3 fellow thieves; Blue-eyed Vernal Lion, Green-eyed Gold Lion and Scarlet-eyed Elder Lion.

The Sacred Orb will change colour depending on your location in the cave, but it can also be dipped into various water pools around the cave to change it's colour. Cold water turns it blue, Hot water turn it red and a neutral temperature makes it glow green. You must find 3 special holes dotted around the cave and insert the Sacred Orb into them, whilst glowing in the approprate colour (Blue for the Vernal Lion's hole etc). Inserting the Orb into a hole with the wrong colour will initiate a battle with a Gellicle (a unique Aquan enemy).

Once the Orb has been successfully inserted in the 3 holes, the Grotto will drain and allow access to the treasure room and a small boss fight. Explore the treasure chambers then return to the grotto's entrance to complete the quest.

Number of turns: 100


The cave is a network of interconnecting passageways, containing 2 Obstacle Crossing locations and a variety of route options for reaching the 3 holes. Due to being a cave, the Cave Guide skill is required for exploration.

  • Gold Lion/Green Hole: Head directly north from the start until you find the Gold Lion slot.
  • Vernal Lion/Blue Hole: Slightly northwest of the start. Cold Water can be found just north of the start.
  • Elder Lion/Red Hole: Bottom right corner of the map. Hot Water can be found in the top right corner of the map.

Groups of Croakers (low-level Aquans) can be found scattered around the cave. Upon encountering them you can choose to fight them, or wait to see if they will leave. If the Orb is glowing Red you will be forced into a fight.


  • Aquans
  • Demons
  • Slime
  • Undead
  • Insects
  • Beasts
  • Human? (boss)

Notable Items

  • Dragon Scale Knife - A rare, powerful dagger located in the top left section of the Grotto treasure room
  • Sacred Orb - A unique, quest-related item with no use outside of this quest


  • The Mayor of Loch Vaan was once one of the Regal Lion's 3 fellow thieves.
  • A Gellicle can sometimes drop a Magic Tablet and is a unique monster found in no other location.

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