Japanese name レッド
Romaji Reddo
Race Human & Hero
Gender Male
Age 19
Home Region Shrike
SaGa Frontier Character

Red is one of the main characters of SaGa Frontier. He undergoes a transformation to battle enemies as the superhero Alkaiser.


"Endowed with superhuman ablilities, Red lives among other Humans as an apprentice engineer on the regional ship Cygnus. Years ago, the evil syndicate BlackX killed his father and abducted his mother and sister. Left for dead, Red was saved by Alkarl, who came from the holy land of heroes, and granted him amazing powers. Red is on a continuing search for Black X and its followers."

Red's Quest

Red starts of driving with his father, Dr. Okonogi, when they get ambushed by Shuzer, one of the Four BlackX Emperors. Red fights a hopeless battle against Shuzer where he is promptly defeated, but is then saved by the mysterious hero, Alkarl, causing Shuzer to retreat. To save Red, Alkarl endows him with superhero powers, turning him into Alkaizer. With his newfound powers, Red goes on a hunt for BlackX and its followers, while following the hero's code of honor.

The quest begins with Red on board the Cygnus ship where he works as an apprentice engineer to Captain Hawk. They stop at places such as Baccarat, Shrike, Manhattan, Kyo, Koorong and Shingrow, where at each stop, Red gets information on BlackX's activities. At one point, the Cygnus even gets hijacked by Nomad's crew, where Red gets help from certain individuals, such as Fuse, Roufas, Asellus, Princess White Rose and BJ&K, to take it back.

Later, Red leaves the Cygnus to travel on his own and find the BlackX Emperors to take them down. Annie leads him to Shuzer's base in Koorong, Fuse guides him through Cambell's building in Manhattan, Doll takes him through the ruins of Shingrow to face Berva, and Rabbit helps him to find Metal Black in Kyo.

Once all the Emperors are taken care of, Red boards the Cygnus where Hawk presents him a BlackX uniform to use to disguise himself and sneak aboard the BlackX ship, the Black Ray, en route to the secret base. After narrowly escaping a self-destruct sequence by a rebuilt Metal Black, Red's party arrives at the base, with Red permanently in his Alkaizer form, where they face off against Dr. Klein, the mastermind of BlackX. 

Imperial SaGa

In the end of the Egg Route, he, Alkarl and Finnith destroy The Egg together.


  • Red's Alkaizer form is an obvious shoutout to the Kamen Rider series, even down to the finishing moves (i.e. Shining Kick). In fact, Red's entire tale seems to be inspired by Kamen Rider in various aspects.
  • Red isn't recruitable in the other characters' quests.
  • Alkaizer is mentioned by a girl in Tanzer when on the Rune Quest.
  • Blue is seen on the Cygnus during the hijacking, but refuses to join.