Raymond is a character in SaGa Frontier 2. Raymond, an archer, joins forces with Tyler and Patrick for some time. Ever since Tyler introduces him, Raymond follows Wil Knights in his hunt for the mysterious, powerful Egg, and also goes on to appear in the story of Rich Knights as well.

His last playable appearance (although technically optional to trigger) is "To the Fossil Cave" along with Eleanor.

Raymond joins the party for the first time in "Anima Faith Fiasco". His initial skill with a bow is considerable and he is also well versed in martial arts. Due to his obvious talent, most players have Raymond stick to what he is gifted at and concentrate on little else. However, like any and all SaGa characters, he can go in any direction of one's choosing. If Wil's list of bow techniques has not grown much since the beginning of his story, Raymond is a great way to spark all the arts the player may be missing.

Scenario History

Scenario Name Year Age
Anima Faith Fiasco 1256 21
Wil vs. Egg 1257 22
Into the Forest 1275 40
To the Monster Nest 1276 41
To the Fossil Cave 1280 45

Starting Equipment

  • Ranger Bow
  • Stone Knife
  • Alligator Armor
  • Wood Shoes

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