Proficiencies are an important gameplay element in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

The proficiencies are a series of special actions you can perform in dungeons and battle locations that will reward you with hidden areas, treasures, items (for tempering or healing), as well as avoiding battle or getting the upper-hand on a tough opponent.

Each proficiency is linked to a separate field skill, which are learnt through the Classes system, and can be bought from the Skill Mentor in each town. Equipping upto 5 proficiencies will let you use them in the field a limited number of times (dependant on skill levels). By levelling up the proficiencies' related skills, you gain both an increased number of uses as well as being able to overcome greater obstacles, or find better treasures and items.

Proficiencies can only be equipped/swapped in towns, and the usage number replenished by resting at an inn (for free).


Name Skill Ability
Find Chests Search Discover hidden chests
Find Ore Search Discover buried mineral deposits
Find Herbs Search Discover useful plants
Find Traps* Search

Discover the location of traps and other mechanisms

Find Treasure** Search Discover buried valuables
Mine Gathering Excavate minerals from lodes
Harvest Gathering Pick herbs
Excavate Gathering Dig up treasure
Pick Locks Strategy Pop locks on chests and similar items
Disarm Traps Strategy Defuse traps on chests and similar items
Vigilance Survival Decrease your chance of being ambushed
Jump Survival Jump over small gaps
Climb Survival Climb up scalable walls
Lurk Covert

Avoid detection by foes with good eye sight

Move Silently Covert

Avoid detection by foes with good hearing

Ambush Covert Increase your chance of attacking first
Trade*** Trading Exchange items with certain monsters

* Find Traps is only usable in 2 locations: Geckling Cave, Captain Silver's Cave

** Find Treasure can only be used if you possess a Treasure Map

*** Trade can only take place with certain monsters, and if you have items in your Trade Window

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