Pirates Invitation is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Gadeira.

Pirates Invitation

Pirates Invitation


You are sent to Pirate Island to investigate the recent shipwreck and solve the puzzle sealing off access. You begin on the harbour and need to head up to the cliff-tops. Journey to one of the 2 beaches (stairs in the northern area) and collect Seashells in order to solve the puzzle. When the tide comes in it will wash up seashells on the shore. You need to collect at least 3 seashells in order to solve the puzzle.

Once you have some Seashells you need to make your way to the southeast section of the cliff-top to find the puzzle wall. Examine the wall to find a triangle pattern of seashell holes. Place a shell in each hole in the right order (Right, Upper, Left) to unlock the wall and gain access to the shipwreck. When you approach the shipwreck you are attacked by a Sabre Tiger. Killing it will complete this quest. (As these tend to roam around normally in this quest you shouldn't have any trouble taking it down, unless you are low on LP)

Number of turns: 400


Pirate's Island is a two storey map with 4 unconnected beach shores with stairs leading up to a single, large cliff-top network of paths. There is a single Obstacle Crossing location, and 3 locked door in the corners of the cliff-top area, each requiring the Locksmith skill.

In order to collect Seashells to complete the quest you need to be on the beach(es). Seashells only appear once a wave hits every 5 turns (approx), but this also causes minimal damage to your party if you are on the beach when the wave hits.

Regardless of your location you will need the Road Guide skill to explore.


  • Wildlings
  • Demons
  • Undead
  • Beasts
  • Birds
  • Beast (boss)

Notable Items

  • Magic Tablet - Behind the locked door in the far east of the main cliff-top area
  • Seashells - Unique quest item washed up on the beaches. You need at least 3 to complete the quest.


  • The large turn limit can make this a good place to fight monsters and gain treasure

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