Philippe is a non-playable character in SaGa Frontier 2 and brother to Gustave XIII. Philippe always blames Gustave for taking his mother from him and her subsequent death in Jade. He resents everything about Gustave and tries to kill him, but when Sophie's latent Anima emerges from Gustave he comes to his senses.

Philippe acquires the throne when Gustave relinqueshes his control after the Battle of Buckethill. Philippe undergoes the Firebrand Ceremony, which Gustave failed, but due to his age he is engulfed by the flames of the sword and suffers severe burns. Thus he too has failed and nothing Marie or Gustave say can console him.

Philippe rules as Prince Regent until his son, Philippe II, takes the Firebrand Ceremony at the age of 5 and passes, becoming the King of Finney when he is old enough. However, after the ceremony an assassin kills the young king. In a fit of rage Philippe grabs the Firebrand to take revenge, engulfing himself, his son and the assassin in the blaze of the swords Anima.


  • It is believed that Philippe becomes a Red Dragon, which is seen during the downfall of Hahn Nova, chasing away monsters and protecting Philip, the son of Kelvin.
  • Unlike his brother Gustave, Philippe is said to be a talented spellcaster (although it is never seen in the game, aside from the events of The Firebrand Tragedy).