Nisa is the Mother of Earth in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

Nisa is the patron God of the Taralians as well as the Terranites, and the mother of all the other Gods. There are many temples erected in Mardias in her honor. Her temple in Merholm, underneath the Kaklim Desert (Dry Lands) holds the Fatestone Topaz of Earth, under the watchful eyes of Jephtimith, leader of the Terranites.

Nisa greanted them protection from the great war of the Gods that consumed Mardias. She is revered greatly by the Taralians and Terranites along with many on the northern continets. Nisa the earth mother was said to have recreated and repopulated the world after the war was won. She now resides in the Dry Lands home of the Teranites and the Tarralians, which is also the the home of Elore.

Nisa shows great concern for the return of Saruin for the battle that took the lives of all the the Gods with the exception of herself and Elore. She no longer wishes to see the world brought to ruin. Nisa grants the heroes the Fatestone of Earth to fight Saruin if they pray at her Merholm temple. If the hero cannot accomplish the task of stopping Saruin, then they must find another hero worthy of using the Fatestone.

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