Night Desert is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Wanda.


A local merchant crossing the desert was attacked by a mysterious shadow. He managed to escape but lost all his merchandise. Although the shadow's identity is a mystery it is a powerful foe.

"I know it is small comfort, but please take this special feather, which the monster hates.

It might come in handy"

The merchant gives you 5 Retreating Feathers, which can be used to scare off the shadow if it attacks. You need to find 3 crates in the desert while avoiding the shadow. Each time you find a crate you will be given an extra Retreating Feather. When all 3 crates have been found the quest will end.

After 2 turns you will hear a monster's roar. After 3 more turns a shadow will rush past. A further 3 turns later (8 in total) and the shadow will appear, a fearsome Sabre Tiger. You can choose to fight, or use one of the Retreating Feathers to scare it off. Either option will reset the turn count for when the shadow will attack again.

The quickest route to the 3 crates (*) is as follows:

Start - W - W - NW - N - N - N * - W - W - NW * - NE - E - E - E - E - E * Number of turns: 180


The Night Desert is a large interconnected, lattice grid with the start/finish position in the southeast corner.

It has a high percentage of Fire elements and requires the Road Guide skill to explore. There are no environmental obstacles in this quest.

This desert map is also used in the Lumina Stones side-quest.


  • Wildlings
  • Undead
  • Slime
  • Birds
  • Beast (optional boss)

Notable Items

  • Retreating Feathers - Unique quest item, usable when the Sabre Tiger attacks. Using the feather will scare the tiger off for a short period.


  • The desert is a good place to build up a Fire Magic Tablet.

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