General Nebelstern

Nebelstern is a character in SaGa Frontier 2. The legendary General Nebelstern retires from service after Gustave XIII's conquest of Wide. A few years later, Cielmer manages to coax the general back into active service as supreme commander of Gustave's army. His numerous victories lead to Gustave's reign and strengthen it.

Scenario History

Scenario Name Year Age
The General's Memories 1228 23
Battle of Buckethill 1248 43

Starting Equipment

  • Sacred Spear
  • Knight Shield
  • Caster Armor
  • Fur Boots
  • Blue Water
  • Beast Amulet


  • The name Nebelstern is made up of two german words, 'Nebel' and 'Stern' meaning mist and star respectively.

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