Narcisse (ナルセス) is a character in SaGa Frontier 2. Narcisse is a very self-confident man of an extremely rational disposition. Although he appears to be moody at first, his behavior towards Wil Knights reveals his other, kinder side. Narcisse is a friendly man at heart, who later even takes care of Wil's son, Rich. He has advanced spell casting abilities at his disposal.

In his youth, he accompanied Master Cielmer on his travels where he met and verbally sparred with a young Nebelstern. In the intervening years he became an adventurer who sold his services to Diggers in search of Quells. While his haughty attitude caused minor schisms with Wil and his team, the two eventually grow into good friends over the years. Eventually Narcisse decides to retire. In his later years, Narcisse grows concerned with Wil's obsession with the Egg and cautions him on his reckless behavior. Despite their disagreement, Narcisse remains a friend of the Knights family.

Scenario History

Scenario Name Year Age
The General's Memories 1228 23
Wil's Departure 1235 30
Desert Megalith 1236 31
Infiltrate! Alexei Gang 1238 33
Showdown! Alexei 1239 34
At the Mines 1244 39
Beyond Grand Valley 1246 41


Narcisse begins the game with very high HP, decent LP, and high proficiency in Flame, Stone, and Tone Spell Arts. He also starts with the Bushfire spell and Heavy Spell Role making him a powerful mage at that point in the game.

Despite his high starting stats, his growth is slower than the other characters within his scenarios, so he tends to be a crutch character who helps the party out until they catch up to him. While he is quite competent with a Bow, Spell Arts work best for his strengths. Thus, while it's good to have him learn Bow Weapon Arts, he benefits more from the Bow's large assortment of Hybrid Arts instead.

In terms of Roles, Narcisse works best with roles that play to his strengths like Heavy Spell or Marksman.

Starting Equipment

  • Ranger Bow
  • Caster Cloth
  • Wood Shoes
  • Fire Charm

Imperial SaGa

Commander Skill: Ups all stats of earth magic users by 3. Narcisse begins with 20 attack and agility and can cast only Earth Magic. Despite his previous occupation as a powerful mage in SaGa Frontier 2, he is more of a physical attacker with a surprisingly high spark rate this time around.


Growth "I only wish to be alone."
Wil in party
Cordelia in party
Tyler in party "Tyler, you're a real man."
Cielmer in party
Nebelstern in party