Monster Extermination is a side-quest in Unlimited Saga, available from Chapa Village.


There has been an outbreak of monsters on the Healer's HIlls. Simply walk around fighting enemies (and collecting treasure if you wish) until you see a !! sign appear. At this point you will be thrown into a boss fight against 3 Gator Grasses, which can be a dangerous fight if you aren't strong enough. Defeating the 3 Gator Grass boss enemies will end the quest.

Number of turns: 100


The Healer's Hills consist of 2 separate locations, each with hilly areas and connecting paths. The starting area is quite small, but by using the 2 southern paths you can access the second, larger area of Healer's Hills. Use of the Road Guide skill can uncover lots of treasure bags and items (most of which have poison or needle traps).

There are no environmental obstacles in this quest. The Healer's Hills location is also used in the side-quests Healer's Hills and Insect Extermination.


  • Insects
  • Wildlings
  • Beasts
  • Birds
  • Vegeplasts
  • Vegeplasts (boss)

Notable Items



  • The Healer's Hills location is a good place to search for treasure, fight monsters and raise your Market Rank
  • This quest is similar to that of Monsters of the Ruined Castle from Escata.

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