The Mind Quest is a quest to obtain the gift for Mind Magic. Only humans can do the Mind Quest.

It starts by asking about the gift for Mind Magic. The human characters go to the back room and meditate before a statue, and they fight one-on-one battles. If they win, they get the gift. If they lose, they can never get the gift.


  • In Riki's and T260G's quests, the human characters automatically finish the Mind Quest
  • Fuse and Roufas start with the gift for Mind Magic.
  • Neither Blue nor Rouge can get the gift for Mind Magic until their duel in Blue's Quest. Rouge never gets the gift in the other quests.
  • One of the enemies fought in the Mind Quest is a lich, who can use Charm Gaze and Scream. It is best to equip one of the characters with a Purple Eye and a piece of Harmonium equipment (like an earring or bangle) ansd use that character to fight the lich.

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