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  • Hey there how has all been going here? I see this wiki has seen slight growth. My apologies for my rather extended abscence. I am glad you still are going strong here and still watching over the place some. I plan to get back into the game too I`ve still got many images to post here to many pages.

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  • Hello there I beleive this is our first time meeting I am Naglfar94 and I am the current Admin/Bureaucrat of this wiki. Mmm And I can`t help but notice you do great edits and such when you do edit so i was wondering would you be interested in being boosted up to admin? 

    There are a few other admins here that are active at varying times too some of which being Reon the Azure Knight, Thirteen1355 and Magma Dragoon. Anyways I am not always able to edit here nor keep an eye on the place to make sure there is no one messing it up etc. or doing maintenance and such so would ya like to be an admin here? I can trust you with such rights Just let me know what ya think.

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    • Your welcome! And yeah any small thing counts here since we have a rather small community right now. I am trying to find us more contributers but sadly to no avail.

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    • Likely because SaGa is so unheard of outside of Japan, which sucks.

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